Empower your customer service team

eCommerce Customer Experience Software

Empower your customer service team

Easily automate your customer communications

Keep your customers regularly notified on their order and return statuses. Carriyo’s sophisticated customer engagement tracking solution allows you to send branded updates at different stages in their order or reverse shipping journey, across multiple touchpoints. 

Customer Notifications

Don't wait until it is too late to communicate delays or issues to your customers. Carriyo’s SMS and email customer engagement solution lets you send automatic SMS, email or WhatsApp for Business notifications based on shipment status, in multiple languages. Triggered notifications decrease customer service calls and increase customer engagement. Our customers have decreased call center inquiries by 30% within the first month of operations.

Customer Notifications

Branded Tracking Pages

Delivery partners don’t offer a curated and standard approach to order tracking which can lead to a frustrating customer experience. Branded tracking pages provide customers with all the information they need about the latest updates on their delivery. They also contribute to a boost in traffic to your website as customers don’t need to leave your website to check on their order.

Branded Tracking Pages

Customer Feedback Loop

Qualitative feedback is gathered from customers to provide a 360 degree view of customer satisfaction at the very end of the purchase journey. Results can be used by the customer service team to contact customers who reported issues and identify problems in the brand's last mile experience.

Customer Feedback Loop

Branded Returns Experience

A fully branded returns portal is available to gather return requests and automate the approval and pickup process. Give your customers an easy and frictionless way to initiate returns and automate the process with fraud mitigation.

Branded Returns Experience

Boost customer engagement and satisfaction with Carriyo


Reduce calls to customer service

Regular updates allow customers real-time visibility into their deliveries and returns 


Close performance gaps  

Get feedback to understand what aspects of your service need improvement 


Remove dependence on partners

Set up notifications and branded tracking pages without external inputs 


Earn customer loyalty

by providing a   seamless experience and communicating better 

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Samer El Mosley
Samer El Mosley

Head of Supply Chain at L'Occitane

Carriyo was a big relief for us, it helped onboard as many carriers as we needed and gives us great visibility on their performance in real time. It is a user friendly and customer centric solution.

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100 out-of-the-box delivery services for your business including Same Day, Next Day, Express and Cross-border delivery.


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