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Ship from anywhere to everywhere using
an extensive list of carrier integrations
and a simple dashboard with advanced

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out-of-the-box delivery services for your business including Same Day, Next Day, Express and Cross-border delivery.

Royal Mail

Create and manage shipments with ease

Upload your order sheets, enter manually through the Carriyo Dashboard or connect your store to create your shipments.

Manage both inbound and outbound shipments and apply your own filters to build customized views.

Get instant rate estimations and compare prices based on carrier standard prices or your own custom contracts.

Create and manage shipments with ease

Automatically assign shipments to your carriers

Use Automation Rules to assign shipments to your carrier accounts.

Shipments can be assigned to each of your carrier accounts using a set of rules or based on the cheapest option.

Rules can be based on location, service type, weight and any other shipment attribute.

Shipments can be extended with custom attributes to implement customized assignment logic.

Automatically assign shipments to your carriers

Manage carriers and fulfillment partners

Add all your carrier and 3PL accounts within minutes by using Carriyo’s list of connectors for dozens of carriers and fulfillment partners.

Change configurations at the flick of a switch to define your service types and other carrier options.

Set capacity rules and cost profiles associated to each account to better manage your assignments.

Manage carriers and fulfillment partners

Bulk Operations

Select lists of shipments and execute operations in bulk.

Reschedule, cancel and re-assign thousands of shipments with a single action to expedite last minute changes and quickly update expected delivery dates.

Bulk Operations

Address Validation

Carriyo validates destination addresses and phone numbers to find inconsistent or incomplete information.

Address problems are highlighted and can be quickly resolved.

Ask customers to pinpoint their location on a map to capture their exact location before assigning shipments to your carriers.

Address Validation

Schedule Pickups and Dropoffs

Manage pickup and dropoff schedules for your shipments.

Organize your dispatching and deliveries by time slot and schedule them with your carriers seamlessly.

Notify your customers as you schedule deliveries to keep them informed.

Schedule Pickups and Dropoffs

Shipping Manifests

Organize shipments into manifests to better manage operations.

Scan parcels and add them to your manifests with ease.

Define manifest collection times and ship hundreds of parcels with a single click.

Reconcile shipped parcels with your carrier’s status updates to identify any disputes.

Shipping Manifests


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