Reports & Analytics

Get valuable insights into your eCommerce fulfillment operation.

Carriyo provides unprecedented visibility over your inbound and outbound shipping events and performance.

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out-of-the-box delivery services for your business including Same Day, Next Day, Express and Cross-border delivery.

Control Tower

Look at your operation at a glance. The control tower displays active shipments in an organized and intuitive graphic interface.

Identify how many shipments are currently in processing, in collection and in delivery stage, and which ones require attention.

Slice and dice data by region, carrier, service type or any other shipment attribute.

Track scheduled deliveries throughout the day and reschedule them as necessary.

Control Tower

Alerts and notifications

Get alerted of exceptions and late shipments in real time.

Carriyo flags any failed delivery attempts, shipments at risk, late shipments and other exceptions and send user alerts through the dashboard or via email.

Alerts and notifications

Operational Performance

Review service level ratings across the post purchase journey for processing, collection and delivery timelines and assess gaps in performance.

Slice and dice reports to identify problems with different services in different regions.

Operational Performance

Carrier Performance

Compare carriers side by side.

Evaluate speed of delivery and quality of delivery at a glance. Filter by country or by service type to build a fair comparison of delivery partner performances.

Carrier Performance

Customer satisfaction

Look at the overall customer satisfaction evolution overtime to validate improvements and changes in processes.

Listen to customers and identify individual unsatisfied customers to initiate personalized customer recovery activities.

Customer satisfaction


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