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Carriyo is a Fedex Compatible certified partner. Use our platform to build your eCommerce last mile experience with Fedex to deliver exceptional an exceptional eCommerce experience.

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FedEx Express invented express transportation and remains the industry's global leader, providing rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery to more than 220 countries and territories, connecting markets that comprise more than 99% of the world's gross domestic product.

Carriyo’s integration with FedEx’s latest API accelerates eCommerce shipping by providing the full set of capabilities needed to ship to anywhere around the word. Carriyo provides real time tracking of FedEx eCommerce deliveries, which combined with Carriyo’s branded tracking pages and branded notifications allows eCommerce businesses to deliver an exceptional experience to customers.

By leveraging Carriyo’s FedEx integration, eCommerce businesses can harness the full power of Fedex’s delivery services and options while enhancing and automating shipping operations. Orders can be assigned automatically to the right FedEx shipping service and with the right delivery options to generate labels and shipping documents in a matter of seconds and without any manual intervention.

Carriyo’s FedEx integration for eCommerce also saves time and money. After years of development, our integration is seamless and enables businesses to start shipping with FedEx in a matter of seconds without the need for integration and API development work. Additionally, Carriyo’s Fedex integration for eCommerce features FedEx real time shipping rates calculation for eCommerce which allows businesses to estimate and retrieve shipping costs and automatically assign orders to the lowest shipping service option available.

With Carriyo’s eCommerce shipping integration monitoring services, businesses can also inspect integration logs and errors to troubleshoot exceptions and issues.

FedEx integration Highlights

Extend eCommerce shipping options

shipping automation
  • Use Carriyo’s connector to add FedEx to your shipping options in just a few minutes
  • Get FedEx shipping rates for your orders and compare with other services
  • Automatically assign orders to FedEx based on custom criteria
  • Produce custom documents and labels for all your FedEx orders

Improve customer loyalty

customer experience
  • Track all your FedEx orders in real time from the Carriyo dashboard to answer customer queries
  • Manage customer promises proactively for FedEx shipments
  • Review detailed shipment history of FedEx shipments
  • Keep customers informed with branded tracking pages and customer notifications

Unmatched visibility

last mile intelligence
  • Overview of operations at a glance through the Control Tower
  • Get alerted of delays and exceptions
  • Compare historical performance and service levels of FedEx and other carriers
  • Measure customer satisfaction

Tightly Integrated

last mile integration
  • Select any FedEx service that is right for your business
  • Manage different options such as Incoterms, Electronic Document Transfer and label specifications.
  • Create commercial invoices, packing lists, gift notes and any other document and attach it to you FedEx shipment.
  • Get accurate cost detail components to better serve your customers and beat the competition

FedEx shipping integration benefits

  • Eliminate redundant tasks. Use Carriyo’s integrations with major eCommerce platforms to automatically integrate Shopify, Salesforce, Magento, and other applications with FedEx shipping services.
  • Reduce human error by automating the assignment of eCommerce orders to the right FedEx service and with the right selected options. Carriyo’s shipping automation takes care of scanning each individual order and assigning it to the right FedEx service.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Use Carriyo’s customer engagement and real time tracking features to provide customers with a personalized and effective post-purchase experience when using FedEx shipping services.
  • Reduce operational costs. Carriyo produces custom documents automatically and retrieves all documentation necessary from FedEx to enable faster and more efficient shipping. Use Carriyo’s shipping rates comparison tool to find the best FedEx option for eCommerce orders, reducing shipping costs in the process.
  • Empower customer service teams. Customer service executives can find and inspect shipments in a matter of seconds to provide effective customer support. Carriyo also alerts users of imminent delays and exceptions in real-time, allowing businesses to work in a proactive manner and manage problems before they impact customer experience.

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