Last-mile Tracking Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

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Apr 26, 2024 - 4min read


Last-mile Tracking Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

When it comes to online orders, customers don’t like to be ghosted. 

Last-mile delivery tracking has transformed into a cornerstone of customer service. Imagine waiting for a package without any real-time updates; it feels a bit like when a person on the other end of a conversation leaves without a goodbye. This is precisely why businesses are increasingly focusing on this final, crucial phase of the delivery process. By providing customers with real-time updates, businesses not only enhance transparency but also forge a deeper connection with their customers, ensuring they never feel 'ghosted'. This level of engagement not only boosts customer satisfaction but also builds trust, proving that in the world of e-commerce, communication is just as critical as the product itself.

If you are a retailer and running an e-commerce store, a last-mile tracking software will elevate your customer experience, ensuring:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Carrier Comparison for Quick Deliveries
  • Better Customer Support

How to track a last-mile delivery?

To track last-mile delivery efficiently, retailers can use specialized last-mile delivery software. provides real-time tracking updates for both the retailer and the customer, ensuring transparency and accountability. It allows monitoring of delivery progress, estimated arrival times, and any potential delays. Additionally, it enables communication between the retailer, delivery agent, and customer, facilitating smooth coordination. Utilizing last-mile software enhances customer satisfaction, improves delivery accuracy, and streamlines the overall delivery process for the retailer.

Want to Deploy a Customer-centric Last-mile Tracking Strategy? Here’s how you can do it. 

Carrier Comparison Charts

According to a report by Charlton, 63% of online shoppers emphasized the need for faster deliveries. By 2027, 26% of deliveries by retailers are expected to be made on the same day. 

With last-mile tracking software, you can generate a carrier comparison chart. Based on the available data and customer feedback, you can address delivery issues or switch to a delivery partner that best suits your customer’s needs; all in a few clicks. 

Increase Control over Outsourced Deliveries

To speed up delivery time, retailers outsource work to a third party. However, about 84% of them express the need for more control over these outsourced delivery networks. 

This is where last-mile intelligence comes in. It helps retailers:

  • Track carrier performance
  • Access Real-time visibility 
  • Effectively communicate with customers

All of these things are done through automation, hence, allowing more control to retailers while minimizing time and costs. 

Keep Track of Last-mile Deliveries in Real Time

Gone are the days of static order status updates. Today's customers crave real-time information about their deliveries. A last-mile tracking software integrates seamlessly with various carrier networks, providing a holistic view of your packages' journeys throughout the last mile. 

Through multi-modal tracking capabilities, informed by real-time data, retailers can unlock a new level of transparency, thus, significantly reducing customer anxiety and fostering trust.

Provide Flexible Delivery Schedules

In today's fast-paced world, inflexibility is a deal-breaker.  A last-mile intelligence software analyzes historical data and leverages real-time insights to predict customer preferences and traffic patterns, allowing both retailers and customers to take control of expectations and deliveries.

Contextual Communication Support

70% of customers expect the person on the other end to have full context

A customer who gets the “Out for Delivery” notification sits in anticipation of the order. Integrating tracking software will help your customer support team address any incoming customer queries with live updates till the order is delivered. 

This strategy makes sure that no order updates are lost during the transition. 

Want to empower your deliveries and customer experience with last-mile tracking? Sign up for Carriyo’s last-mile intelligence solutions to stay ahead of your competition and drive customer satisfaction through automation.


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