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ShipTheory vs Carriyo

ShipTheory is a shipping management software offering carrier assignment automation and label printing features in the UK.

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ShipTheory vs Carriyo

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ShipTheory vs Carriyo Comparison Summary

If you are a small business with very specific requirements limited to the printing of labels for your orders and looking for the most cost efficient option, then ShipTheory might be the right solution for you.

However, if you are looking to automate your label printing process as well as improve your service levels and offer customers a better post-purchase experience, then Carriyo might just be what you are looking for.

With Carriyo you can bundle carrier management, label printing and post-purchase customer experience into a single platform that scales with your business.


Connected Carriers

~70 carriers

~70 carriers


Focused on printing labels with basic shipping rules.

A complete suite of features, from printing labels, managing manifests, service levels, carrier management, shipping rates calculation, ship from store, branded tracking pages, automated returns and much more.


Starts at GBP 19 per month with 250 shipments/month. Users can upgrade to GBP 99 with 2000 shipments/month.

Starts at USD $0 up to 50 shipments per month on the Free plan. Upgrade to Starter at USD $99 with 2000 shipments/month included in the plan.

Free trial

Offers free registration.

Free trial of 15 days on every plan. Also offers a Free plan.


Offers around 100 integrations with different platforms and carriers.

Offers more than 100 integration with different platforms and endless possibilities with a public API.

Compare eCommerce shipping platforms before making a decision for your business.

There are several eCommerce shipping solutions in the market that can help you improve your business. But if you don’t look at the details you might be missing out on features or end up needing multiple tools to cover your needs.

Carriyo is the only solution in the market that addresses multi-carrier management requirements and customer experience management requirements equally and in an integrated fashion.

Find out the differences between Carriyo and ShipTheory and make the best choice for your business.

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Order Tracking

Carriyo tracks all parcels after the label is printed, allowing for an end to end management of the last mile delivery.

Not only does Carriyo track all your shipments but it can generate alerts of shipments at risk and shipments with exceptions such as failed delivery attempts.

ShipTheory doesn’t perform shipment tracking and doesn’t enhance post purchase customer experience.

Order Tracking

Carrier Assignment Automation

One of ShipTheory’s main selling points is the ability to automatically assign orders to carriers based on simple rules.

Carriyo goes beyond simple and allows building custom automation rules and build workflows for specific business requirements. For example, you can add custom attributes to your shipments such as heat sensitivity and assign orders to chilled delivery services based on that attribute. With Carriyo, you can also manage multiple automation rule sets to manage different countries or business units.

Carrier Assignment Automation

Branded Tracking Experience

With Carriyo, you can build a fully branded and immersive tracking pages to keep customers informed about the latest status of their order.

Tracking pages can be fully branded and embedded in your eCommerce website. Marketing ads can be added to build more traffic and upsell customers. Announcements can be added to warn customers about ongoing delays or active discounts on shipping rates.

ShipTheory doesn’t offer branded tracking pages.

Branded Tracking Experience

Customer Notifications

Carriyo allows users to build customized customer journeys and automate email, SMS and Whatsapp for Business notifications based on specific shipping events.

Customer notifications allow keeping customers informed and engaged throughout the post purchase part of their journey.

ShipTheory doesn’t offer automated customer notifications.

Customer Notifications

Returns Experience

ShipTheory allows building simple and effective returns portals for your business.

Carriyo also offers customizable returns portals that can be setup in minutes and integrated with your favorite sales channel. In Carriyo, the returns workflow can be fully customized, requiring customers to upload pictures, designate return reasons and disclose product condition.

Returns Experience

Shipping Rates

Carriyo offers a shipping rates API that allows finding the best shipping service for your orders.

The Carriyo Shipping Rates API can be used to offer checkout options to customers or to calculate shipping rates in near real time.

ShipTheory doesn’t offer shipping rates calculation.

Shipping Rates

Pricing Comparison

ShipTheory offers very competitive rates and plans for businesses of all sizes due to its limited set of functionality.

Carriyo offers a much broader range of functionality for a lower cost when you ship 2000 orders/month or more.

If you are currently using ShipTheory and want to try Carriyo contact our sales team to get a competitive offer.

Pricing Comparison

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