Metapack and Carriyo

Metapack is a delivery management software offering integration with carriers worldwide.

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Metapack and Carriyo

Modern Integration Capabilities

Carriyo offers you a resilient and enterprise grade integration with all your carriers in near-real time to display accurate and actionable data without delay.

Having your shipments being processed in near real-time can make a huge difference in delivery times and customer satisfaction. Our customers can address late delivery issues before they happen and address customer frustration in real time.

Our connectors are also built with smart auto-retry label booking mechanisms to overcome issues with carrier systems and difuse timeouts in peak periods.

Customer Experience Customization

If you want to offer your customers an advanced and customized tracking experience, Carriyo is the best solution.

Create your own theme and build a single tracking experience in multiple languages without having to develop a single line of code. Our solution offers a set of CX Editors that allow you to customize style and change content at any time and without disruptions.

Add banners to promote marketing activations and issue temporary warnings to inform customers of ongoing disruptions or issues.

You can also collect customer sentiment within the tracking experience to identify frustrated customers and resolve imminent problems.

Multi Brand, Multi Language, Multi Market

With Carriyo you can have a single account to manage all your operations across different business lines, across different countries with different fulfillment centers and manage customer experience in multiple languages.

You don’t need to run multiple accounts to run different business lines and consolidate your logistics operations.

With Carriyo you can manage multiple customer experience strategies over a single supply chain strategy.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Carriyo is the only shipment automation tool that provides you with an extensive set of reports and dashboards operating with real time data.

More than 12 out-of-the-box visual reports ready to be used and exported into any external tools.

A real time control tower dashboard is available for operators and controllers to identify issues and manage operations at scale.

Carriyo also offers a configurable Alerts panel that identifies any late shipments, shipments at risk and other exceptions. These alerts can be monitored by users to implement an exception-based reporting process and manage by exception.

Returns Management

Manage customer returns through a fully customizable Customer Returns Portal.

Returns are managed through the Carriyo dashboard and customers can choose to return their items in store or via courier with automatic label generation and pickup scheduling.

Managing returns efficiently helps streamline logistics while also increasing customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Ship from Store

For retail businesses, shipping from store has become a great way to avoid building parallel supply chains and making sure that working capital utilization is maximized.

Carriyo offers a solution for retailers to ship from store with ease by making use of existing staff and automating the shipping process.

Shipment orders are assigned to stores and can be automatically assigned to local bullet delivery services to better serve customers in the vicinity of the store location.

Store staff can use app specifically built for them which allows them to see their incoming shipment orders and all documents ready for printing.

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