Carriyo Plug & Play Specification

Download OpenAPI specification

The Carriyo Plug & Play Specification provides you with a collection of RESTful endpoints you must implement to integrate with Carriyo.

  • Create Shipment
  • Fetch Label
  • Schedule Collection
  • Cancel Shipment
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Status Update Webhook

The Carriyo specification provides a framework for the integration. It provides

  • The structure of the endpoint URLs
  • The structure of the request payload
  • The structure of the response payload
  • The authentication method to use

Next Steps

If you wish to integrate using Carriyo Plug & Play specification, then please follow the steps below.

  • Review all sections under "Integration Requirements" in this guide and answer all questions highlighted.
  • Build the integration endpoints on your side as per the Carriyo plug & play specification described in this section.
  • Share display name, logo (high-resolution SVG) and a brief description of your service to represent your brand on the Carriyo platform.
  • Please contact us once your endpoints are ready for us to signoff the integration together.