7. Mappings

Carriyo acts as an intermediary between merchants and carrier systems, facilitating a smooth integration process. To ensure seamless communication, Carriyo provides mapping capabilities that allow you to map information between the merchant and carrier systems.

City Mapping:

Carriyo maintains a comprehensive directory of states, cities, and areas for certain countries, aiding in the identification of pickup and drop-off locations. This feature is particularly useful when the carrier system expects specific values from the merchant that need to be mapped to their own corresponding values. As a carrier, you have the option to map the Carriyo list to your own list of states, cities, and areas in your API.

If you are using our Plug & Play specification, the responsibility of implementing this mapping falls on your side. However, for custom integrations, the Carriyo team will handle the mapping for you as long as you provide us with the necessary mapping details.

To download the Carriyo master list and complete your mapping, please click here.

Status Mapping:

Accurate mapping of shipment statuses from the carrier to Carriyo is crucial for merchants to efficiently track their shipments. Carriyo provides standard statuses that merchants rely on, making it essential to ensure accurate mapping of carrier statuses to Carriyo statuses.

If you are using the Plug & Play specification, it is your responsibility to translate your internal statuses to the corresponding Carriyo statuses on your side. However, for custom integrations, Carriyo will handle the mapping on its side.

To download the Carriyo status list and complete your mapping, please click here.

The diagram below shows the flow of statuses in Carriyo.

  • Map forward and reverse shipments separately if there are any differences between them.
  • Map all Red statuses (mandatory).
  • Map any Yellow statuses if relevant (optional).
  • Skip all Grey statuses (internal to Carriyo).

Shipment Status Flow