6. Shipment Tracking

In addition to the receiving real-time status updates from the carrier (via webhooks), Carriyo also checks shipment status on-demand. Carriyo will automatically pull the status of the shipment from the carrier if the shipment status has not been updated for 24 hours. This is a safety net to ensure Carriyo is never out-of-sync with the actual status of the shipment.

Carriyo needs an API endpoint to pull the status from the carrier, which takes the tracking number and returns a full status history of the shipment including status code and status change date for every status event.

Carriyo prefers to use a bulk endpoint for this requirement to track multiple shipments in a single call, making this process efficient on both sides.

  1. Do you support real-time status updates via webhooks?
  2. Do you support an API to track status history?
  3. Is a bulk endpoint available to track multiple shipments in a single call?
  1. If you do not support a webhook callback, then please provide a bulk endpoint that can track status for multiple shipments in a single call.
  2. The response should include a full history of status events for each shipment
  3. The response should include the date and time of the each status event, along with a status code and optionally a reason code (to provide more granular information on the status)
  4. The status event date should ideally be an ISO 8601 format (preferably in UTC) to avoid confusion with time zones and formats.
  5. The response could optionally include additional delivery details such as driver name, driver phone, recipient name and proof of delivery (link to an image or pdf)