Integration Options

Plug & Play

The Carriyo Plug & Play specification is desgined to empower carriers to quickly onboard themselves to the carrier platform. The carrier team can use our specification to build the integration on their side, rather than waiting on the Carriyo team to build the integration. We recommend the Plug & Play specification for the following reasons

  • Quicker time to market - Using the Carriyo specification enables quick and seamless integration path to Carriyo.
  • Detailed Specification - The Carriyo specification includes all the shipment information, and is therefore complete in terms of the information it can provide to the carrier.
  • Future Changes - The carrier team has more control over the integration and can easily update the integration in the future as their requirements change. They can also extend their model and consume new information in the future, even if they don't use all the information from the Carriyo specification at the start.

Custom Integration

Although our preferred method for carrier integration is the the Plug & Play specification, we do appreciate that it is not always possible for carriers to build the integration on their side, In such cases, we can integrate using your API. However, to enable robust integration, the Carriyo team needs to understand the carrier API in detail. We generally need a full documentation from the carrier team along with access to their test environment to build the connector.