2. Fetch Label

Carriyo can fetch the label generated by the carrier. For carriers that do not generate their own label, Carriyo can also generate the label on its side.

We understand that different carriers have different ways of generating a label. Some carriers return the label in the response to the Create Shipment API call. Whilst some others have a separate API endpoint to fetch the label. Carriers also vary in how they return the label. Some carrier APIs return the binary payload in the response, whilst others return a file URL to download. We can support all of the above mechanims. Our preference however, is to get a file URL in the response for Carriyo to download the label.

Label Size & File Format

The most common label format are PDF and ZPL. Carriyo supports both. We have come across carrier labels in image (PNG or JPG) format, which we convert to PDF for standardisation.

The most popular label size is 4x6 inches (A6). Hence, we expect the carrier to support this lable size. In addition, we can also accept other label sizes such as 4x4 inches, A4 etc.

Carriyo Generated Labels

If the carrier does not support label generation, then Carriyo can generate the label for the merchant to print. In some instances, the clients have their own custom label format, which needs to be validated to ensure the carrier team can use the label to support operations on the ground.

The carrier team may require additional data printed on the label if the merchant has it's own custom label format. For instance, some carriers expect a Routing or a Hub Code for sorting shipments by origin and destination. Carriyo can print this on customised labels if the Create Shipment API can return the Routing Code in the response.

  1. Do you have a label endpoint to fetch the label?
  2. What label size and format do you generate?
  3. Do you accept customised labels?