Shopify Connector

The Shopify connector is a two-way connector that sync's data in real-time

  • push your Shopify orders to Carriyo, to automate the shipping process
  • push fulfilment updates back to Shopify based on your shipment status

Booking with Carrier

When an order is pushed to Carriyo, it automatically creates a draft shipment in Carriyo. You can choose if you want to automatically confirm or manually confirm the shipment, based on your fulfilment process.

If you choose to "automatically confirm" the shipment, then Carriyo tries to immediately book the shipment with your preferred carrier based on the rules you have defined in Carriyo.

If you choose to "manually confirm" the shipment, then Carriyo leaves the shipment in the draft state, and you can confirm the shipment in Carriyo, when your shipment is ready to ship.

Fulfilment Update

Carriyo can automatically notify your Shopify store when the shipment is fulfilled. You can choose to send this notification when the shipment is booked successfully with the carrier, or when the shipment is shipped. You can also disable automatic fulfilment update to Shopify. If you choose this option, then no fulfilment update will be sent to Shopify.