CARRIYO is an automated shipping platform that makes the last mile of delivery a breeze for retailers and customers alike. It provides merchants with a simple way to connect with multiple shipping partners, giving them a single point of integration for creating, tracking, and managing shipments. The platform offers a highly scalable API, making it perfect for high volume operations and offers real-time insights into all your shipping partners.

CARRIYO abstracts the complexity of multiple carriers by providing a uniform API, giving merchants the flexibility to switch and onboard new carriers to better serve their customers. The APIs automate the entire shipping process, allowing merchants to automatically assign shipments to carriers based on different parameters such as delivery location, payment type, delivery type, price, dimensions, weight etc. Additionally, merchants can add their own custom attributes to determine carrier assignments based on specific requirements.



Built on microservices, CARRIYO is an integration platform that integrates with multiple external systems, such as 3rd party carriers, communication gateways, e-commerce platforms, etc. The platform is modular in design and built using composable microservices with individual pieces of business functionality independently developed, deployed, and managed.

API First & Headless

CARRIYO is a headless API first platform, with the API cleanly separated into distinct microservices. The front-end applications are decoupled from back-end logic and are agnostic of the actual implementation of the API. This means that merchants can choose to integrate their existing systems directly with the CARRIYO API to replace any part of the Carriyo front-end applications.

Cloud Native

CARRIYO was designed and built for the cloud, leveraging the cloud for storage, hosting, elastically scaling, and automatically keeping the platform updated with new technological improvements over time.

Overall, CARRIYO is a powerful and user-friendly shipping platform that makes shipping simpler and better for everyone.