Shipment Reason Codes

In addition to the status code, Carriyo may also save the reason code to provide additional information regarding the status. Here is a list of standard Carriyo reason codes but you can also define your own custom reason codes.

The list of all standard reason codes is provided in the table below.

Reason Code Description
address_changed_by_customer Address changed by customer
address_not_served_by_carrier Address not served by carrier
awaiting_customer_confirmation Awaiting customer confirmation
awaiting_merchant_confirmation Awaiting merchant confirmation
bad_weather_conditions Bad weather conditions
cancelled_by_customer Cancelled by customer
carrier_operational_issue Carrier operational issue
collection_attempts_exhausted Collection attempts exhausted
customer_not_available Customer not available
customer_not_contactable Customer not contactable
customs_clearance_issue Customs clearance issue
duplicate_shipment Duplicate shipment
incorrect_address_details Incorrect address details
incorrect_contact_details Incorrect contact details
incorrect_customer_documentation Incorrect customer documentation
incorrect_merchant_documentation Incorrect merchant documentation
item_not_acceptable_by_carrier Item not acceptable by carrier
on_hold_by_merchant On hold by merchant
refused_by_customer Refused by customer
rescheduled_by_customer Rescheduled by customer
shipment_misrouted Shipment misrouted
shipment_damaged Shipment damaged