Migration to Custom Apps

This guide explains how to migrate an existing Shopify connector to interface with a Shopify Custom App.

Refer Shopify Connector Setup for creating new connectors.

  1. Go to Shopify App Settings and enable Develop Apps > Allow custom app development .

    Develop Apps
  2. Find your old application in Develop apps marked "Custom app", and go to API Credentials section where you will be able to view "Admin API access token" for the Custom App. Click on Reveal token once and store the value in a safe location. This will not be revealed again. If you miss this part, reinstall the app by going to Overview section and come back again to reveal a new token.
    Reveal Token
  3. Paste your API access token in the field provided in dashboard and save. Reconfigure webhooks with the provided URLs.
  4. The migration is complete once the Access Token is saved. This can be validated by noticing a field for API Access Token in the connector settings.
    Validate Completion