Breaking Changes

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Please take action before 30th June 2022 if you are impacted by any of the breaking changes below

The Carriyo Shipping API is constantly evolving. Although most of our changes are backwards compatible, we sometimes deprecate endpoints and attributes that we no longer intend to support, in favour of newer and better replacements.

Deprecated Endpoints

The following API endpoints are deprecated and will be removed on 30th June 2022

Deprecated Endpoint Replaced By
POST /shipments/draft/ POST /shipments?draft=true
PUT /shipments/draft/shipment-id PUT /shipments/shipment-id
PATCH /shipments/draft/shipment-id PATCH /shipments/shipment-id
POST /shipments/draft/shipment-id/confirm POST /shipments/shipment-id/confirm
PATCH /shipments/draft/shipment-id/confirm POST /shipments/shipment-id/confirm
PUT /shipments/shipment-id/reprocess POST /shipments/shipment-id/reprocess
PATCH /shipments/shipment-id/reassign POST /shipments/shipment-id/reassign
PATCH /shipments/shipment-id/status POST /shipments/shipment-id/update-status
PATCH /shipments/shipment-id/cancel POST /shipments/shipment-id/cancel
PATCH /shipments/shipment-id/ready-to-ship POST /shipments/shipment-id/ready-to-ship
PATCH /shipments/bulk/status/refresh POST /shipments/bulk/status/refresh
GET /shipmentsshipment-id/label POST /shipmentsshipment-id/label/refresh
PUT /shipmentsshipment-id/parcels no replacement

Deprecated Attributes

The following shipment attributes are deprecated and will be removed on 30th June 2022

Deprecated Attribute Replaced By
shipment.post_shipping_info.awb shipment.post_shipping_info.default_label_url
shipment.post_shipping_info.carrier_awb shipment.post_shipping_info.carrier_pdf_label_url
shipment.post_shipping_info.carriyo_pdf_label shipment.post_shipping_info.carriyo_pdf_label_url
shipment.post_shipping_info.carriyo_zpl_label shipment.post_shipping_info.carriyo_zpl_label_url

New Mandatory Attributes

Although the attributes below are already mandatory, the Create Shipment endpoint is able to default them if they are not passed. Starting 30th June 2022, these two attributes will not be defaulted. Hence please ensure you pass the following attributes to prevent your shipments from being rejected.

Mandatory Attribute Description
shipment.merchant The merchant attribute will be mandatory and will no longer be defaulted if this value is not passed.
shipment.references.partner_shipment_reference The partner_shipment_reference will be mandatory and no longer be defauled from the partner_order_reference